Reflections and Realizations - November 2022

Sullins Stuart - November 6, 2022

Everything in life happens for a reason. If you look very closely at the events in your life, you will see there are no coincidences. 

Consequently, everything that happens to you can be used for your spiritual growth and awakening. 

If we use what happens to us wisely, we can transform it into something higher; if we don't, we often unknowingly allow it to create unnecessary suffering.


What if you woke up today and knew nothing of the world around you? Would you look at things with a sense of awe, wonder, and curiosity? Have you ever seen a child discover something or try something for the first time? The next time you go on a walk, look at your surroundings through the eyes of a child, as if you were seeing things for the first time. 

When our daily practices become our routine, we no longer are present to them. They become habitual and we don’t have to think about how or what to do. 

Take a few minutes to marvel at what is around you. Take things in as though looking through the eyes of a child. Regain a sense of awe and wonder. 


The ego will often try to convince you that if things were a certain way, life would be better. If you can be present to your life, you will see that you already possess the one thing you need more than anything else—a soul—and that true joy is found in engaging the soul. This is all we truly need. 


It is so easy to get caught up in the drama of the world’s play. However, there are also a great number of amazing, wonderful things happening in the world.

It is important we be present to both the joy and the suffering that exists. In this way, we experience the fullness, the richness, of all life has to offer. 

Mindful acceptance, compassion, and love for all that exist. This is what I must practice. 


Presence, spiritual awakening, enlightenment. These are not things beyond your reach, but are your birthright.

To observe without identifying and judging.

To be unencumbered by trivial matters.

To have an acceptance of what is and be at peace with it.

To surrender to the moment and experience grace.

To just be.

To love freely and completely without expectations or needing to be loved in return.

To see that spirit is in all and everything.

To transcend the physical and experience the mystical. 

If you can let go and just be, you will see that you are more than capable of living with joy, peace, compassion, and love. To live this way is a choice. Set it as your daily intention each morning when you wake up. 


Why am I here? What is my purpose?

It is important we contemplate these questions, that we really seek the answers.

Sometimes the answers come from moments of true suffering, but as time passes, we often begin to forget the answers. Life pulls and tugs at us and we inadvertently put the questions and the answers aside, only to see them arise again when we experience our next bout of suffering.

As an exercise, try to ask these questions each day. Why am I here? What is my purpose? And really seek the answers. The answers may not come right away, but when they do, write them down so you don’t forget. Post the answers where you will see them every day. Try to live the answers.


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