A Few Observations from Living in the Present

awakening soul Sep 17, 2019


The more I grow through presence, the more I see the common thread of divinity from which the earth and all its inhabitants—nature, wildlife, man—have been woven.

I see myself in the mountains, oceans, trees, flowers and clouds—in all of nature.

I see myself in birds, dolphins, elephants, turtles and deer—in all wildlife. 

I see myself in babies, adolescents, young adults, middle-aged and elderly—in people of all ages.

I see myself in Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Lao Tzu and Krishna—in all the great teachers.

I see myself in Africans, Asians, Hispanics, Indians and Europeans—in all ethnicities.

 All—nature, wildlife, man—are God manifest in various forms. All are in me and I in them. 

And, all are in YOU.

When we abuse, disrespect or mistreat the planet, animals, and our fellow man, we also do it to ourselves. 

This is why our heart aches when we see the oceans poisoned with trash, animals mercilessly slaughtered, and people—our literal brothers and sisters—beaten, raped, trafficked and murdered. 

Make the effort to connect with your soul every day and you, too, will begin to see life differently; you, too, will begin to live your life differently. 

You will treasure and respect wildlife, nature, the planet and your fellow man, and begin to treat everything and everyone with love and compassion.

You will see the sanctity of all life. 

You will understand that your body is the house for your soul and that you need to be healthy in body and mind to do the spiritual work you must do. 

Always remember you are God in human form. You are here to awaken to your true nature. You are here to engage and express your soul. This is your birthright. This is the spiritual work you are destined to do. And you begin by being present to this very moment, then the next moment, and the moment after that. 

And when you have multitudes of moments of presence, momentum builds and you find yourself to be more present, even in moments you might not have been thinking about it. And you find that there is something miraculous that appears to be growing within you, yet it has always been there, you just needed to find it. 

It is your soul—a wellspring of infinite energy, love, compassion, power, and strength that can carry you through any adversity and challenge that comes your way. 

This is what it means to begin to awaken.

I hope this serves you. 


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