Reflections and Realizations - February 2023

Sullins Stuart - February 19, 2023

My teacher taught that when we physically die, our lives pass before us. The life that you see consists of all the moments in which you were present, moments in which you were truly awake, moments your soul experienced. These are also the moments we remember most profoundly when reflecting on our lives. 

Intellectually speaking, we can say that we did certain things in the past, but can we honestly say we fully experienced them? Or, were we just going through the motions?

I know that I drive my car to work, but am I actually present each time or am I driving lost in thoughts or in imagination? 

It is important to bring presence to all that we do for it makes moments—especially the small moments we often don’t think are significant or worthy of being present to—throughout the day sacred and a part of our spiritual practice and evolution. Otherwise, we are like robots, fully capable of performing the day to day activities that comprise our lives according to the programming of the ego, just not with any conscious awareness of doing them.


Spirit is the common thread that permeates all, both animate and inanimate. 

All things at their core are energy—Spirit—and vibrate at specific frequencies.

We must remember that all people, all of nature, the planet…all are comprised of Spirit and thus, are eternally connected.

As such, we cannot harm one without harming all. When we love one, we love all. 

It is important to remember this.

If we can live in Spirit, live in love, live by the path revealed to us when we are present and engaging the soul, we will be fulfilled and our lives will possess a sense of true purpose and meaning. And all—humanity and the Earth—will benefit.

It is when we forget our connection to Spirit that we become isolated individuals and separate from the whole of humanity and allow vanity, greed and fear to dominate, and we act in ways that harm not only ourselves, but all.

If humanity is to consciously and spiritually evolve (which I feel it must do), we have to wake up spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, and embrace the truth that at our core, we are Spirit, and must strive to live each moment as such. 


Just as all of us are born with the seeds of soul and Spirit within us that we must cultivate and nourish, we also have the seeds of the ego and all the mechanical manifestations resulting from the ego’s natural growth and development.

We possess both the features inherent in Spirit and the features inherent in being a human.

The body and ego is about self-preservation—needs, desires, independence, greed, vanity, fear, and prejudice. 

Spirit and soul are love, compassion, empathy, acceptance, grace, kindness, and selflessness.

We have both the seeds of love and compassion and the seeds of prejudice and fear. Which seeds are you cultivating in your life? Are you feeding and nurturing your spirit and soul or the body and ego?

That which we feed and nourish is that which will manifest most in our lives. 

When you reach the end or your physical journey and you reflect on your life, will you be happy and joyful with the choices you made? 

Change occurs in the present. The future you is being shaped and molded by the choices you make right now, so choose wisely.


There are all kinds of teachers—school teachers, science teachers, math teachers, economic teachers, teachers of very important knowledge of the ways of the world.

And, there are spiritual teachers—teachers of important knowledge regarding the soul.

One form of teacher fills your brain with information and tools so that you can navigate life in an ever changing world, whereas the other shows you how to live with presence, love, and compassion.

We learn the ways of the world as children, but once we become older, it is up to each of us individually to seek how to truly live in the world with presence, love, compassion and grace.

If you can connect with Spirit and allow the love and light of Spirit to flow through you, you will realize and understand what it truly means to live a joyful, loving, spiritual existence, and you will naturally seek the teachings of the great spiritual teachers who have laid bare their wisdom for you to spiritually grow and awaken. 


You can have a great intellect and know many things but how will this serve you if you don’t know the true meaning and purpose of life? 

I believe we must ask ourselves this very important question–the true meaning and purpose of life—and always keep it in our thoughts. 

Knowledge comes from books, wisdom comes from applying the knowledge to your life, and enlightenment comes from awakening to the realization of the true purpose and meaning of why you are here and living each moment from the knowledge and understanding of your soul. 

Many get lost in the question of what happens when we die when the real question is how to live? 

I know that we are here to awaken to our true nature. 

We awaken to our true nature each moment we are present. Practice presence and you will know how to live, and you will gain insight into the true nature of death.


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