Reflections and Realizations - December 2022

Sullins Stuart - December 10, 2022

We are Spirit in human form, true children of God—the infinite, eternal Source. We are meant to live life as such, as self-realized spiritual beings capable of expressing and living from our true nature.

It is when we forget this and fall into a state of sleep that all our problems, worries, anxieties, prejudices, fears and the like arise.

Try not to forget your true nature.

You are the light and love of Spirit. Try to live in accordance with Source and you will find life becomes much easier. 

When you find that you are struggling with anything at all, take a conscious breath and declare, "I am." Observe how it feels to just "be" in the present, and try to face your struggles from the perspective of Spirit, not the ego. 


There are multiple levels of consciousness and states of being. The defining level or foundation of which is quite your state of consciousness rooted in presence or sleep? 

In other words, are you being mindful and living in the present or are you in a state of identification and waking sleep? One state pertains to the soul, the other pertains to the mind and body.

To my knowledge, we are the only species that can rise above its base level of instincts for food and shelter and contemplate its existence and death.

Yet, so many people stay in that base level of existence and live life on autopilot, making decisions based in fear and negative imagination.

It is time to wake up, to consciously evolve, to move beyond living in fear and into the present where love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and acceptance resides. This is how we grow and evolve individually and collectively. 


Our thoughts possess energy.

Have you observed how thoughts of fear, anxiety, and worry create a certain state within you. 

The same is true regarding thoughts of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. These thoughts create a certain state within you, too. 

When we put words to our thoughts and speak them aloud, our thoughts and their aligning energy are magnified ten fold and possess far greater power and energy. 

Think of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" or John F. Kennedy's "We Choose to Go to the Moon" speech and their ability to empower and motivate, or the negative power of Hitler's words.

Such is the power of thoughts and words.

It is important to think and speak in ways that will increase your level of presence and encourage and empower others, too.


We alone are individual humans, but we are also a member of the greater collective known as humanity.

We cannot be solely focused on ourselves. We must strive to contribute to the health, well being, and conscious evolution of humanity. 

As spiritual aspirants, we can assist and aid those around us by being loving, accepting, forgiving, compassionate, and present. In this way, we not only lift ourselves into a higher level of consciousness but also provide the conditions for those around us to see their own mechanical nature and be a positive influence and possibly create a moment of presence for them. 

In this way, we lift others, we lift the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Our positive and negative states affect others whether we want them to or not. We are not islands, we are members of a greater whole. 

For the world and all of humanity to evolve spiritually, the individual efforts of each of us are of utmost importance. 

It is through presence, through Spirit, that you can verify this, that you can see that we must do this.

The moment we leave the present and disconnect from Spirit, we return to our mechanical desires, needs, worries, and anxieties, and we separate from the greater collective. We become individuals focused on ourselves. 


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