Reflections and Realizations - January 2023

Sullins Stuart - January 16, 2023

If we are asleep to our lives, we live as a rudderless boat, adrift at sea and aimless, tossed about by the waves and wind with little direction or purpose. 

Presence allows us to see the natural egoic tendencies to exist in a constant state of reaction to things versus truly taking in an event and responding with conscious intention and awareness.

We must strive to become more awake, more aware, in order to see the unconscious conditioning of the ego and its influence in our lives, to observe its tendency to keep us asleep and living on auto-pilot. 

For when we wake up, we see that our lives are purposeful, that we have a true calling that we are meant to fulfill. 

The present also provides intuition and shows us what we truly need versus what the ego wants.

In addition, the more present you are, the more you will also observe outside forces are here to assist you in fulfilling your true calling. 

You can call them guardian angels, saints, muses, it doesn’t matter. Just know that you have divine guides to aid you in your journey of self-realization and spiritual evolution, showing you the path forward to living a life of purpose, meaning, clarity, and vision.


I find it is helpful to occasionally stop and ask, “In this moment, am I feeding my soul or my ego?”

Begin to observe how presence feeds the soul and how negativity feeds the ego. 

We all have a soul. We must nourish it and allow it to thrive just as we would nourish and water plants in our garden. 

We all have an ego that thrives on negativity, imagination, and fear as this is what nourishes it.

The ego will perish when you die, however your soul will continue in its evolutionary journey. So, try to focus your energy and effort on feeding that which will continue beyond your physical death.

Take good care of the body and feed the soul daily. 


The soul exists in a state of union with God.

Thus, the soul has all the knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion, presence—all the tools you need to navigate life and fulfill your spiritual destiny—to live as a soul while in a human body.

Be silent and listen for the voice of your soul. Let the soul be your guide. This will bring great peace to your life and show you the path forward.


Awakening is coming to the realization and understanding of your true nature. 

However, this is but a morsel of the awakening process, as we must begin to live each moment with this understanding.

Realizing your true nature is but the beginning. Engaging your true nature each day is the journey. 


LIfe is only truly lived and experienced in the present. 

We can experience the present moment through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. We are also brought into the present when we have moments of real suffering. 

The present is available to us at any time, at any place, to any one who seeks it.

The more effort you make and the more time you spend being present, the more you will realize the present is your refuge and that life is fully experienced when engaging your soul.


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