Reflections and Realizations - October 2022

Sullins Stuart - October 16, 2022

Always keep in your mind who you truly are—a spiritual being, God in human form—and what it is you are here to do—be loving and compassionate to all people, creatures, nature, and yourself. In other words, to express the God within using the body, mind, heart, and soul. This is to live in conscious harmony, to align with your true self in life. It begins with mindfulness, is strengthened through meditation, and slowly becomes your daily practice, where every minute of every day you remember and choose to live from your true self. This is one path to awakening.


There is within each of us a well spring, an infinite source of energy, love, compassion, power, and strength. And it can carry us through any adversity, hardship, or challenge. 


To be present with another person is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. The soul sees the true beauty and spirit of another whereas the ego tends to see faults and imperfections. 

Everyone ultimately desires love, kindness, and respect. This the soul gives freely and in abundance.

If you want to truly see another person—heart and soul—be present with them.


We can manifest almost anything we truly desire in life but it requires effort. Wishing for something is hoping it happens whereas manifesting is making a plan, executing it, being open to seeing where it leads and not being identified with a predetermined outcome. A little luck never hurts either. 

The following is my manifestation process with my desire for spiritual growth and awakening as an example:

  1. Desire a change/goal (spiritual growth and awakening)
  2. Create a plan (find a true spiritual teacher/teaching)
  3. Making small efforts each day (practicing the teachings of the teacher)
  4. Focus on the path and not the destination (the spiritual journey)
  5. Be patient to the ebb and flow of the path (some days are easier than others; two steps forward, one step back)
  6. Trust in the process (continue to verify the teaching is valid; note the small gains)
  7. Be open to all possibilities and outcomes as your desire or end result may not be what you initially expected or in the time frame you thought it would happen (my awakening is an ongoing, ever changing process. I keep making efforts to grow in Spirit)


Unless you are making efforts to observe yourself, it is very easy for man to begin to adopt the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of those with whom he surrounds himself. As such, we can easily become a product of our environment. 

You can verify this by looking at gangs, cults, extreme religious/fundamental/political groups, and the like. 

One way in which we can better our lives is to seek the company of those who are also striving to better their lives, who are practicing love and compassion, who are serving others and helping the planet. Make these people your peers, your friends, and you will see your life improving very quickly. 


The body and mind are the tools of the soul and are used to express the nature and creativity of the soul. 

Surround yourself with positive impressions. Feed the body, mind, and soul healthy food so that you can more easily do the divine work you are meant to do with greater ease and fluidity.


Mechanically, we are prisoners, slaves to our emotions. Not only our own, but also the emotions and passions of others. 

As long as we believe we are the body and mind—the material manifestation of our limited consciousness and understanding—we will never be truly free.

Meditation will show you that the chains that enslave you are an illusion, that freedom from fear, worry, anxiety, anger, even death, is not only possible but in a single, conscious breath, extinguishable.

The key is to remember we can break the chains that bind us for the moment we return to thinking we are the body/mind, we are again enslaved.


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