The Spiritual Journey of Awakening



The spiritual journey of awakening is a journey towards Self-realization. It consists of liberation from the ego—from anger, jealousy, envy, greed, bigotry, worry, anxiety, imagination, and fear. All negative emotions pertain to the ego, the false self. The spiritual journey of awakening is one of liberation from the false self in pursuit of aligning with our true Self, the soul.

At birth we are body, mind, and soul, but in a very short time, our ego develops and we gain an identity that defines us physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. 

The ego is a mask—a fragile, false identity—that shields us from our true nature. The more we identify with our thoughts, feelings, and physical characteristics, the further we remove ourselves from our true Self. 

The natural process of developing an ego occurs at the expense of the soul. The power hungry ego takes control while the gentle soul slowly recedes into the background and essentially goes to sleep, hence the need to “awaken” it. With the soul asleep, we forget our higher calling and purpose—to align with our true Self, the soul, the God within each of us.

The 18th-19th century spiritual teacher and philosopher Peter Deunov said,

“The meaning of life lies in communion with God.” 

We commune with God when we awaken to and engage our true Self in the eternal Present.

When you become aware of your true Self and begin to live each day, each moment, from your soul, you discover that life literally becomes an exercise in spirituality. Furthermore, you will realize that living from your true Self will enhance your own religious faith and practice, as it will help you understand the fundamental truth that exists at the core of every religion—love. 

The spiritual journey of awakening is one of leaving the false for that which is true, and living in truth every day. It is realizing that God exists within you, within everyone, and within everything. It is choosing to live with compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love. It is being true to your Self. 

Leo Tolstoy wrote,

“In reality, the outer world in itself is not as we see it, and thus everything material in this world is insignificant. What is important then? That thing which exists everywhere, at all times, and for all people: the divine spark, the spiritual root of our lives.”

The spiritual journey of awakening is choosing to align with the divine spark within you.


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