Things I wish to remember each day



The spiritual journey is experienced moment by moment, day by day. No one moment is more important than another. Each moment is worthy of our attention.

Yet, the spiritual journey is not just about being present. It’s also about how you choose to live each day. 

I recently made a list of things I want to try to remember each day to help me grow and live in Spirit and I wanted to share them. 

Enjoy life more. 

Experience life with all five senses.

It’s okay to feel emotional pain. I am human and sometimes it hurts a lot to be human.

Don’t be afraid to love.

Express the love I have for others as much as possible.

Open my heart.

The universe is Spirit and I can literally breathe in the energy of Spirit and feel it with my body and soul.

Live with a sense of wonder.

All of life is to be experienced—the joy and the heartache.

Choose happiness.

Don’t forget the spiritual truths I have learned and try to live them every day.

Loved ones never leave us. They may no longer have a physical body, but their spirit is always with us.

The answers are within.

I am the Light.

Trust my inner knowledge.

I am not alone.

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

Do the very things I fear.

Be a positive force in the life of others.

Be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Be accepting of change.

Express more gratitude.

Do something everyday to express my creativity and Spirit.

I hope you found this to be helpful. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your spiritual journey. 



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