Thoughts, Energy, Vibrations, and Aligning with Source


One of the many truths revealed to me when I had my spiritual awakening experience was everything, literally everything, was alive and vibrated at a specific frequency. Some vibrations and frequencies were slow and dense while others were fast and light. Nature, by and large, was lighter and finer. Most importantly, I saw individuals vibrated at different frequencies, too. 

Each moment, your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual states determine the frequency at which we vibrate, be it a lower or a higher vibration, and our vibrations are not static, but ever changing.

When your ego (false personality) is dominant, your vibrations are more dense. The moment you become present and engage your soul, your vibrations immediately become lighter and finer because you are engaging the part of you that is divine.

When you are present and connected to Source (God) your vibrations move closer to the vibration that alone, is God. It is a unique vibration in that it is singular, yet also encompasses all vibrations since everything arises from Source.

Have you noticed when you are present that you feel lighter? No longer aligned with the dense vibrations of the ego, you begin to experience the higher vibrations native to peacefulness, serenity, love, compassion, and acceptance. 

It’s also important to know your thoughts are energy and vibrate at specific frequencies, too. You can easily verify this. Have you ever had a negative thought or a bad dream (unconscious thoughts) put you in an immediate state of fear, worry, or anxiety? Have you noticed how thinking of someone you love or thinking about performing an act of unconditional love or generosity puts a smile on your face and warms your heart?

Thus, part of one’s spiritual practice must include observing one’s thoughts and trying to align one’s thoughts with thoughts that vibrate at a higher frequency, i.e., thoughts of love, compassion, gratefulness, and the like. This can be hard as it feels like most of the news and social media we are exposed to these days is far more negative than positive, and encourages negative thinking. All negativity vibrates at dense frequencies and when we identify with negative events and allow them to affect us, we, in turn, become dense. This is why it’s very important to monitor what you ingest intellectually, emotionally, and physically. I’m not suggesting you ignore the news, but be careful of how it impacts your state of being. It is possible, with practice, to watch or read the news with presence and experience it through the eyes of Source and not descend down a well of negativity, because once you are deep in negativity, it takes tremendous effort to escape.

So, give consideration to intentionally aligning your thoughts with things consisting of a higher vibration. Maybe turn off the news every now and then, spend less time on social media, and seek things (conscious art, music, literature, nature) that inspire you and feed your soul—things that assist you in being closer to Source. 

If you spend more time consuming things of a higher vibration (expressions of the divine exist everywhere and are not hard to find) you will discover your state changes and you will feel lighter and more joyful. 

You may also observe that higher vibrations affect your emotions, which influence your actions and behavior, and you may find yourself desiring to be more loving, compassionate, and seeking to serve something greater than yourself. 

Thoughts are at the root of our emotions. Emotions determine how we behave. If you want to connect to Source and exist at a higher frequency, begin exposing yourself to things of a higher frequency, that are closer to God.

In a short time, you will observe yourself undergoing an inner transformation—you will start to vibrate more often at a higher frequency, and your life will shift to moving in alignment with your true nature—Soul and Source. It will become easier for you to be present. You will discover the grace, joy, love, and abundance that only exists in the Now. And most importantly, you will discover the present provides you with everything you need to spiritually awaken.



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