Transform Your Life with One Simple Thought



You have a physical essence (body and mind) and a spiritual essence (soul). In the physical world, we are multitudes. We have many hundreds of roles we play throughout our lives. Some roles are brief. Some last a lifetime. They are vast.

Yet, spiritually we are One. One consciousness, one awareness.

We must shift from living from the ego to living from the soul.

When this shift occurs, when you infuse your physical essence with your spiritual essence, your life becomes sacred.

If you can live your life from the perspective that you have the light and love of God coursing through your veins, inhabiting every cell of your body, guiding you in your thoughts and actions, it will change how you perceive the world and your conscious role in it. It will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

The easiest way to tap into your spiritual essence is through being present. However, if you find that to be difficult, try the following. Tell yourself,

The light and love of God flows through me, 
guiding me in all my thoughts and actions.”

Remind yourself of this thought the moment you wake up, before speaking, prior to making any decision or taking any action, and say this every night just before going to sleep.

This thought alone will transform your life. It will give you the power to heal afflictions, overcome adversity, improve your relationships, and most importantly, live a more sacred life—a life of purpose and meaning.

Your thoughts determine your beliefs, your beliefs determine your actions, your actions define your life.

Begin to believe you are the light and love of God and bear witness to the transformation that will soon follow.




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