Share Your Gifts and Talents with the World

creativity ego Mar 15, 2020


I believe we are creative beings, each of us possessing unique gifts and talents, and I believe it’s important we share those talents to assist, uplift, and inspire others.

It’s easy to downplay our natural talents and view them as insignificant because the ego generally doesn’t value things that come easily and effortlessly. When we achieve or produce something that takes a lot of effort and/or our hard earned money, we give it more worth and significance because it literally is a product of our blood, sweat, and tears. 

You may find your ego convincing you your creative gifts aren’t useful or worth expressing. To me, this is the greater crime—not sharing your knowledge, wisdom, life experience and creativity. I know this because I suffered from this, too. Long before I wrote either of my books, the critical voice in my head repeatedly said, “You have nothing original to write, nothing that hasn’t been written a...

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