How to Work with Negative Impressions


We are constantly taking in impressions all day long through our five senses: sound, smell, sight, taste and touch. As we take in the same impressions repeatedly as part of our daily routines, our brain adapts and places the impressions in a certain category that it instantly recognizes. It is how our brains function and it is for a good reason. If we were constantly taking in impressions as though for the first time, our brains would be flooded with an onslaught of new data to process, making it very difficult and exhausting for us to get through each day. 

A result of constantly taking in the same impressions day to day is our reactions to these recurring impressions become automatic. Therefore, in order to consciously take in an impression we have become accustomed to receiving and bypass our automatic response, we must pause and be present to it. 

The impressions we take in are positive (pleasant) or negative (unpleasant). We all know how it feels to...

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