The Path to Spiritual Intelligence

Do you want to be more present to your life? 
Do you seek less negativity and more love and acceptance?
Do you desire to engage your higher self?
Your new life begins NOW. 

People all over the world are transforming their lives by choosing to live with spiritual intelligence and experience a life of peace, compassion, awareness, and love. It’s time you did, too.

In this powerful, 1 hour and 13 minute audio program, spiritual teacher and author Sullins Stuart discusses:

  • The different levels of consciousness
  • The ego and how it closes us off from our Source
  • How in raising your level of consciousness you engage your higher Self and begin to experience spiritual intelligence
  • 5 different methods you can use to grow in spiritual intelligence
  • Some of the experiences and realizations you may have as you practice living with spiritual intelligence

Each section contains:

  • Downloadable mp3 and pdf transcript
  • Comments section where you can ask Sullins anything

Bonus Section! 

  • BONUS #1:  2 guided meditations created by Sullins to assist you in being present and living with spiritual intelligence.
  • BONUS #2:  A download of Sullins' Amazon 'Top 100' spiritual book, "LIVING IN CONSCIOUS HARMONY: A Spiritual Guide to Being in the Now."

Whether you are a beginner or advanced spiritual practitioner, this program will assist in your desire live with spiritual intelligence.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with my program, email me within 14 days of your purchase and I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

And you can keep the ebook as my gift to you!